Important. No NEWS email's anymore!

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Important. No NEWS email's anymore!

Postby AlexZencovich » Wed Oct 04, 2006 10:36 am

Due to flame in newslist ( I have decided to remove news list from server.

There my last answer to email, I got in newslist


Take it easy everyone. It was an innocent mistake. Obviously there are people on the news server that aren't paying - I thought it was for paying clients only.

But Alex, it seems rather unwise to use the "don't tell anyone" approach to security. That's like closing your front door, but not locking it, and assuming that since the door is closed, no one will walk through it. If you are really serious about securing your intellectual property (and financial income of course) - perhaps you should use a secure website that forces the user to login, with the license information you maintain? Then you could give the web address out freely, and not be concerned about web addresses and threats of revoking them.

Think of it this way, at least you would know who is giving out your info, if they had to log into the webserver to download your software.

now back to work... :)

Randall your are right but,
1. 1. There was news list for paying clients too (, etc - you may have some messages in these newslists, if you not clear them. Mostly these emails was related to questions you ask - links, passwords etc. NEWS is news, it is public list. Was. I have deleted it, so there will no news anymore. Say thanks to that flame participants

2. You should understand, each thing has own cost. I prefer not to increase packages cost, upgrade cost, service payments etc just to have a fashion site, strong protections etc. I trust in our customers and it also allows them to save some money which I would to spend to site developers, site admins (yet one dedicated postion) etc.
It is my personal postion. I do not want to double package price just to protect it strongly.
I just expect a correct behaviour from all people who order software or just play with it. If some people do not want to be correct, I should to do something with it.
Every people have read license agreement when install packages. License agreement says - license will abandoned if customer will share security information.
So when some people cry when I just remember about possible problems, I can treat it only as expectation to get some kind of software for free.

That's all.
Best regards,

Alex Zencovich
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