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OLAP is the main component of building and using data warehouses. This technology is based on building multidimensional data sets – OLAP-cubes, which axes content parameters and cells content aggregated values depending on these parameters.

PivotCube is the newest OLAP elaboration of PivotWare Lab. This is a unique technology created for projecting, creation, and maintenance of “data warehouses” analytical systems. PivotCube Technology is one of best realizations of OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) approach to multidimensional data analysis. Our technology combines both the API flexibility that a programmer needs, and convenience that allows to an end-user efficiently solving the tasks of multidimensional data analysis. It also allows an end-user to perform OLAP and statistical analysis using current data from any relational database. Moreover, PivotCube provides a set of unique statistical functions, including quartiles, true medians and others.

Moreover, PivotCube has a unique ability that allows an end-user create in runtime his own measures based on already existing by means of using built-in formula interpreter. What is also important for an end-user is the possibility of easy upgrade cube data without rebuilding the whole cube. more >>

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