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PivotCube VCL v uploaded

Postby AlexZencovich » Sun Oct 21, 2007 4:34 pm

New in that build

1. TPivotGrid.ExportToExcel/ExportToHTML has new parameter TITLE added. If parameter not empty, it will place title on top of export. If parameter empty, it will work as in previous versions.

procedure TPivotGrid.ExportToExcel(var ExcelApp : OleVariant; ColumnTotals, RowTotals, ShowProgress : boolean; Title : WideString = '');

procedure TPivotGrid.ExportToHTML(FileName: _pvcstring;Progress,AutoOpen : boolean; const Images : array of TJpegImage; Title : WideString = '');

Demo app change dto show new ability.

2. TPivotMap.Title property added. That property can be saved to XML storage to create named views

3. TPivotGrid now has public property TotalColWidths to access to column's width when fixed row totals active. Please note - that property content will reset on each call TPivotGrid.RefreshData


1. Possible AV on load saved map files when cube data was changed since files saved. Special thanks for Felix Moshensky from Mobimedia.

2. Inaccurare calc measures calculation when calc measure access prev/next member for embedded dimensions and there are only one member in that dimension.

3. Calc. measures for empty/non existed cells did not calculated.
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