PivotCubeX v 3.33.01 uploaded

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PivotCubeX v 3.33.01 uploaded

Postby AlexZencovich » Mon Jan 08, 2007 6:14 pm

New in this version

1. Custom dimension sorting abilities embedded via event
procedure OnDimensionSort(DimID: Integer; ID1: Integer; ID2: Integer; const Name1: WideString;
const Name2: WideString; Key1: OleVariant; Key2: OleVariant;
const Desc1: WideString; const Desc2: WideString;
out CompareResult: Integer); dispid 228;

2. interface PivotCubeX.Grid.Options.Specific : IGridSettings changed, new properties added
property PrintPageHeader: WideString
property PrintPageFooter: WideString
property PrintPageNumber: WordBool
property PrintDateTime: WordBool

Property page for grid specific settings also changed.


1. Printing starts always, regardless on Preview parameter value in PivotCubeX.PrintGrid procedure
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