PivotCube VCL v uploaded

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PivotCube VCL v uploaded

Postby AlexZencovich » Mon Jan 08, 2007 6:08 pm

New in this version

1. New dimension sorting type - ddsSortByCustom added

2. Added event TPivotMap.OnDimensionSort. This event fired every two item compare operation, when user try to sort dimension with ddsSortByCustom type. Also, if event handler defined, dimension editor ->Sort -> Custom sort menu item added. If event handler not assigned, menu item hided

TDimSortEvent = procedure (Sender : TObject; Dimension : TMapDimension; Item1,Item2 : TMapDimensionItem; var Compare : integer) of object;


1. Views TMapMeasure.RowOwnerPercent and ColumnOwnerPercent not saved into map XML. Please note - because these views was added after PivotCube VCL v 7.0 out, they still not saved/loaded into binary format due to compatibility issue

2. PrintPreview issue - Fit to Width always selected after switch between printing pages

Source packages uploaded.
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