New builds of PivotCube VCL and PivotCube ActiveX uploaded

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New builds of PivotCube VCL and PivotCube ActiveX uploaded

Postby AlexZencovich » Tue Dec 05, 2006 9:59 am

PivotCube VCL v and PivotCubeX v 3.32.04 uploaded

Fixed (in VCL and ActiveX)

1. Incorrect work of level expand/collapse when performed for nested leafs in hierarchical dimension
2. Measure sort may lost after expand/collapse
3. Incorrect measure sort when sort by calc. measure
4. Ghost rectangle paint in left top corner in printing images

Fixed (in ActiveX)
1. IMMeasure interface changed - added properties

2. Important! License agreement fro PivotCubeX fixed in part - which files may(should) be distributed with your application.

Registered customers of PivotCube VCL full source package - passwords for package was changed. Please contact me to get new passwords
Best regards,

Alex Zencovich
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