New builds of PivotCube VCL and PivotCube ActiveX uploaded

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New builds of PivotCube VCL and PivotCube ActiveX uploaded

Postby AlexZencovich » Thu Nov 16, 2006 7:15 pm

PivotCube VCL v Bug fix uploaded

1. Problem with incremental filtering when dimension have empty(disabled) items
2. Incorrect value in hierarchical dimensions after filtering when dimension placed as second-level dimension and filtering in this, inner dimension
3. Problem with displaying wrong RunningTotalByRow values over really non-existed cells
4. Incorrect values in ctRepeatableSet measures over non-existed cells with some other conditions
5. Loading maps with calc. measures when cube measure set was changed may produce wrong calc. measure output (all values are 0)
6. Problem with set Measure view <Value> in invisible state (sometimes require open editor two times to get correct result
7. Some minor visual appearance-related problem fixed

PivotCubeX v 3.31.14

1. PivotCubeX.Dimensions.EmptyItems property added
2. Added property pages combo for Dimensions.EmptyItems handling
3. PivotCube VCL bug fix applied to ActiveX control
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