Urgent, I can't load active x control in forms.

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Urgent, I can't load active x control in forms.

Postby ccascante » Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:34 am

Hi there;

Programming on VB6.0, Windows XP SP3

I need help asap, this is really urgent, I need to compile a new .exe but I'm having problems with the forms that contains the pivotcube control, I got this message: "can not load the Pivot Table control."

The control is no longer at the form, if I try to put it back, at save this is the error: "Unexpected error", then the next message appears: Error loading 'tmp file at docs and settings'.A control could not be loaded due to load error.Continue?

This error started to appear suddenly, I reinstalled a new PC just to make sure the pc was not the problem and I got the same errors.

Please help me.


Cristian Cascante
Costa Rica
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