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Filter by map cells

Postby ccascante » Thu Apr 19, 2007 2:34 pm

Hi there,

I have a cube with a list of clients and their money balances (measure), some of them have their balance negative, some in cero and some others have positive balance.

1. At the Measure Manager, there is an option called 'Filter by map cells' where I can enable a min and a max value. How do I filter the balances different than cero " <> 0"?

2. The Max Value filter doesn't work

3. I trie to enabled the 'Filter by fact table record', but the check boxes look like disabled.

Best regards from Costa Rica.
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Postby AlexZencovich » Thu Apr 19, 2007 3:20 pm

You should understood how it works.

Filter by map cells treat as zero (0) all values which out of filter parameter. For Max cells it means - all values greather than specifed value is 0. It works, you may check it with demo.
But you will see serious result (number of rows/columns reduced) if in some rows/columns ALL cells out of filter condition.

Row/columns with all zeros autoimatically filtered out (in most cases it just impossible to get that rows/columns) because grid based on your facttable data and it conatin non-empty data in most cases

Filter by facttable records works only if you built cube in ExtendedMode. In standrad mode each cube cell is result of aggreagation and there unable to filter by facttable data. In Extended mode all facttable data saved in cube - it reduce speed of calculation and increase memory occupation, but you get more features.
Best regards,

Alex Zencovich
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